Class Descriptions

Vinyasa:  A vinyasa practice will include faster-paced flowing movement partnered with creative sequencing and sun salutations. These classes include building awareness in alignment, breath, and technique.  The hands-on adjustments will assist you deeper into challenging postures while encouraging a gentle release.

Hot Vinyasa: A vinyasa style class practiced in a heated room for extra detoxification.

Live Music Vinyasa: A vinyasa style class practiced to a live band of multi-talented musicians.  These classes will have a bit less instruction for alignment and more space for organic movement and music.

Live Music Lunar Flow: This class will offer a more feminine and dance-like approach to moving the body with the gift of live musicians.  The lunar flow will still offer options to take on whatever style practice you are looking for, whether strong or soft.  This is a chaturanga free class!

Bikram:  Bikram Yoga is a set sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. It is practiced in a heated room to help facilitate softening of the muscles and body detoxification.  These classes are always 90min long.

Private Lesson:  A private lesson is set up specifically for your needs.  This lesson will assist you w/  attention to detail, opening, & strengthening.  A short consultation before starting private lessons is free of charge.