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We are all Radiantly Alive!

February 1, 2011 It’s been a year now since I shared with you all about Radiantly Alive and the sanctuary of raw food, yoga, and light beings residing in the Bali mountains.  I had my first experience with Radiantly Alive over a year ago when I traveled to Bali to participate in their Vibrant Living […]

Over here on the Mountian Top

January 24, 2011 I grew up with a family who loved to road trip every summer from Florida to Wisconsin, across to Nebraska, and down to New Orleans.  My dad would do most of the driving and my mother would pack the coolers full of snacks for the car ride.  One staple snack that my […]


January 23, 2011 I am one of those people who love sweet treats.  Of course, my sweet treats are free of refined sugars, preservatives, food colorings, gluten, and are never heated.  I appreciate a sweet something everyday and I really enjoy creating them.  I’ve been extremely busy making pies lately.  I’m going to share a […]

Catching up!

January 23, 2011 Aloha Friends!  Though Goldielock’s blog has not been extremely active, there has been no lack of action in the kitchen.  I’ve been moving around for the last 4 months and am now catching you all up to date with photographs of new creations.  I’m back in Hawaii with an appreciation for life, […]

The Chia Seed

January 18, 2010 Most of us have heard the word chia before, whether it was in the food industry recently or years ago referring to a fuzzy, green “pet”. The chia seed has been a prominent seed in my life for a few years now.  I have been making chia porridge in the mornings for […]

A Figgy Surprise!!

August 16, 2010 I am infinitely amazed at how diverse the planet is.  There is so much local abundance being produced in all different climates, soils, weather, and environments!  I was born and raised in the historic, beach town of St. Augustine, FL.  Growing up as a Floridian, I was blessed with a never ending […]