I am a lover in this life who enjoys the vastness of the ocean, long lasting friendships, love for all beings, and laughing till my face hurts.  The windward side of Oahu, Hawaii is where I call home.  I am in love with every aspect of the Hawaiian lifestyle, culture, and tropical fruits.  I have a joyous appreciation for these islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! I am a yoga instructor and healthful foodie, specializing in raw/vegan grinds.  I am always open for the challenge to create whatever it is you might be looking for, in a conscious way.  I choose this lifestyle for the freedom it gives me in my creativity, my love for this land, the animals who live upon it, and the protection of our own temples, our bodies.  I will always support those who choose to take on a conscious, healthy lifestyle.  It’s a choice.  Find infinite appreciation for the light within you and the beings around you.  You’re infinite happiness is already inside you.

Please contact me if you are interested in catering for a dinner party, or if you just want to order a pie to share with your family.  You can contact me at

I am currently co-founder of an organization called Yogarden Hawaii.  Our mission is to bring together the community to support a healthy lifestyle through music, gardening, and yoga!

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3 Responses to “Bio”

  1. You are amazing Kelly! I am so enjoying this…what wonderful ideas and beautiful photos, you are the gracious goldielocks gourmet! Thank you for sharing your positive love and ideas!
    Kate Mitchell
    St.Augustine, FL

  2. You never stop amazing and inspiring me.
    Thanks for the blog its sweet. and i will steal your ideas but never make them as good as you.
    love sista

  3. hi kelli-
    stoked to have found your blog! I love all the great food photos! I will try to make it to yogarden next week… aloha, andrea

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