On a mission to create….The Perfect Banana Bread


My lover and I in the garden at home!

It seems to me that no matter where you are in the world, there is banana bread or some form of it.  Banana’s have become very popular amongst most for their flavor, high potassium levels, and easy to snack on reputation.  Whether it’s in banana bread, sliced on top of cereal, in pancakes, in a smoothie, or with nut butter, most people seem to love them.  I feel blessed that I live in Hawaii, where the tropical climate produces bananas all year long.  In fact, I have three fruiting trees right now, one that I just harvested, and one more that my neighbor harvested and gave to us.  Most of the time, I have infinite amount of bananas.  When I have this many, I freeze most of them for our daily smoothies. With an abundance of bananas, I have played with making bread, cookies, raw pies, raw ice creams, raw crepes, etc.

Morning smoothie

I’ll make you banana pancakes.


 I’m so grateful for my friend Elise and her partner Super Kets who helped build this solar dryer for my home.

Solar Dehydrator

Prepping the trays.

These are a few pictures from my latest attempt.  I ground oats into flour for the bulk of the bread.  It was a tasty bread, still not THE recipe!  After baking an hour, it was still wet in the middle.  I have a checklist as too what I would like to experience in this recipe and a wet center is not one of them.


Super gooey, yet tasty!

A tricky thing with ‘vegan’ banana bread is the lack of conscious ingredients.  I would also like for the bread to be gluten free, which this one is not. However, I find that gluten free recipes tend to use more whole food ingredients.

Banana Bread MUST Include:

home made raw coconut milk (boxed for those w/o access to coconuts)

chia seeds (see The Chia Seed)

locally grown bananas

raw honey, dates, or coconut palm sugar for sweeting


gluten free flour or combination of flours

crunchy crust

coconut oil

soft inside that doesn’t stick all over the knife

the look of banana bread, with the little black specs throughout (where does that come from?)

optional: coconut shreds, blueberries, or nuts


Banana bread may NOT include:


white flour

fake butter

egg replacer

white sugar

gooey center

This may not be easy.  Good thing I have 2 whole bunches off the tree this week to play with and lots of mouths to test recipes on.  I love recipe suggestions.  Let me know if you have a favorite banana bread recipes and I will see how I can alter it to fit my ‘requirements’.

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  1. Your own fruiting banana trees AND a solar dryer!?! Okay… now I think we are all jealous : )

  2. I recommend garbanzo flour for GF bread!

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