We are all Radiantly Alive!

February 1, 2011

Mangosteen Magic

It’s been a year now since I shared with you all about Radiantly Alive and the sanctuary of raw food, yoga, and light beings residing in the Bali mountains.  I had my first experience with Radiantly Alive over a year ago when I traveled to Bali to participate in their Vibrant Living Yoga teacher training. This year, I traveled back to the heart space in the mountains to work in the kitchen preparing beautiful, enzyme rich food for the hardworking yogis!

A daily buffet of LOVE!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Radiantly Alive and what they do, I’ll fill you in.  Radiantly Alive was created by Daniel Aaron.  Radiantly Alive provides a space for people to come and experience a deeper expression of themselves.  Whether you are joining Radiantly Alive for a yoga class, a yoga retreat, a yoga teacher training, or a raw food apprenticeship program, you will be guaranteed to walk away with a sense of growth and a new understanding of yourself.

You can learn more about Radiantly Alive at http://www.radiantlyalive.com/.

Twice a year Daniel and the rest of the amazing Radiantly Alive crew provide a yoga teacher training that takes place at  Anahata Resort up the hill from the town of Ubud.  Anahata is sanctuary away from town, placed ever so gently in the damp jungle.  During both the 4 week 300hr Level 1 training and the 2 week 100hr Level 2 training, a buffet of organic, local raw food is served three times a day.

Level 2 teacher training

During this visit to Bali, I joined the apprenticeship program in the kitchen during the 4 week long teacher training.  Along with 7 other “westerners” and an amazing Balinese staff, we pumped out 3 meals a day for approximately 70 yogis. Every training, Daniel brings in a talented chef to take on the responsibility of the kitchen, the menu, and the staff.  This fall training we were blessed to have Chef Franky G in the kitchen with us.

Chef Franky G and his grinds!

If you are interested in learning more about raw foods and raw food preparation, look into the Raw Food course that Radiantly Alive is now offering. The next apprenticeship program will be held May 5 – June 4.  This upcoming program will be lead by master raw food chef and instructor Elaina Love.

Here is a glimpse of some of the things that we created over the four week training last fall.


Salamat Pagi!!! After an hour of meditation and a two hour yoga practice, the yogis are hungry for the morning grinds!

A morning table full of goodness!

A new smoothie everyday!

A chocolate morning dip for raw toasts and fruit!

mmmmmm....chia porridge!

A blanket of coco wrapped ever so beautifully around the banana mango filling!

Gingerbread w/ an apple slaw!

Hazelnut cranberry toast with apricot butter!

A savory breakfast option!

Super BALLS!

More super balls w/ a walnut dip and chocolate sauce! We like chocoate in the am!

After Breakfast the yogis head back upstairs for 4 hours of lectures, classes, practice teaching, and more.  This four hours is broken once for a quick juice/restroom break.  Of course the kitchen crew is ready with a different fresh juice everyday.

A locally grown, refreshing juice !

Everyday is a little different!

Nyoman opening a few of the hundreds of cocos we go through weekly!

As the kitchen crew stays busy learning and creating flavors and textures, soups and sauces, the yogis continue to learn.  This class is followed by a lunch break which includes another buffet of raw treats.

Lunch Time

A lunch table

Avocado Corn Salad


Coconut Ceviche

Corn Bread

Corn Bread

Anna setting up the beautiful table!

Creamy Fennel Soup

Corn Salad and local ferns

Almond Hummus

Lunch Time

Italian Lunch

Pesto stuffed cucumbers!

Daikon Ravioli

For one week during the training, some of the trainees do a cleanse. Therefore the kitchen crew creates a cleanse friendly and a non cleanse friendly version of each meal!

Rainbow Salad

Creamy Carrot Pate

Sprouted Quinoa Salad


Dinner Time

After a long day of absorbing new information and growth, we all join hands to bless this meal!

"It's dinner time!"

Time to join for dinner w/ a blessing!


Joining as one....

Create your own bowl!

Balinese Lawar

Lasanga Night

Lasanga upclose with a sprouted buckwheat garlic stick!

Indian Spinach Paneer w/croquettes

Pizza Night!

Sambal Matah! A traditional balienese condiment served with everything, including all of Radiantly Alive's lunches and dinners.

Final Dinner after 4 weeks of training!

Every once and awhile we have yummy desserts too!

I am so grateful to have experienced the time that I did in the kitchen with a beautiful crew of friends, which included Frank, Boris, Anna, Sara, Joy, Steve, Vicki, and the Balinese staff.  We used our creative minds all day to compose this art, that is raw food!

Some of the Balinese staff w/ myself!

Sharing love at breakfast!

Another bonus about working in the kitchen was the fun field trips we took around Bali visiting permaculture farms, cacao farms and enjoying guest visitors sharing their knowledge.

Cacao fruit for Joy and I!

There is much to this experience that will stay deep in my heart forever.  Thank you to everyone who was part of this experience.  Together we made a month long yoga teacher training a success!

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  1. Your recipes are so inspiring Kelly! and that cacao chocolate epiphany was amazing last night! I always have so much delightful energy after eating your creations,bravo!
    perhaps a raw pumpkin-fig-cheescake?

  2. What a beautiful post…. I hope to make it down there soon for the 300 hr level yoga & raw foods apprenticeship program. It looks absolutely amazing!!

  3. Timothy McCormack August 4, 2011 at 8:00 am Reply

    Where can I find this food on Oahu?

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