Over here on the Mountian Top

January 24, 2011

A view from above! Windward side, Oahu

I grew up with a family who loved to road trip every summer from Florida to Wisconsin, across to Nebraska, and down to New Orleans.  My dad would do most of the driving and my mother would pack the coolers full of snacks for the car ride.  One staple snack that my mother would always pack was peanut butter with carrots and celery sticks. As a child, I actually did not enjoy the snack.  However, through the years and my growth as a health conscious being and raw chef, my mind has again been turned on to the idea of veggies w/ nut butters.  I am grateful that my lover feels the same way!

A beautiful man carrying beautiful grinds!

Mountian Top Picnic snack

Together we hiked up to Olomana peak and brought some treats along.  We’ve been super into making varies of nut/seed butters.  If you have a dehydrator, you can soak your nuts or seeds over night and then put them in a dehydrator the next day for 6ish hours before making butter.  We love adding maca to our nut butters and making them super duper and filled with super foods !

Cacao Pumpkin Seed butter and Almond Maca butter!

Salude to our journey up the mountian and our yummy nut butters!

Mahalo Olomana for your energy and love!

Until next time……..

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  1. Timothy McCormack August 4, 2011 at 8:24 am Reply

    Do you folks have a restaurant on Oahu? I live in Waimanalo. Wish you could open one in my town.

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