Bagels anyone???

January 30, 2010

Onion Bagels!

BAGELS!!!  I love bagels!  I’ve always loved bagels!  As far as I can remember back, I was eating bagels for breakfast and lunch.  So, I have been determined to make a yummy raw bagel for some time now!

I began by grinding raw buckwheat groats to make a buckwheat flour.  With the flour, I mixed golden flaxmeal, ground carrots, blended zucchini, sliced onions, a wee bit of coconut aminos, and a few different seasonings.  With this gooey concoction, I shaped bagels and biscuits onto the dehydrator sheets.  I dehydrated these yummy smelling bagels over night!  The next morning the house was filled with the aroma of freshly dehydrated onion bagels!

A hooked up Raw Bagel!

This is a fresh onion bagel, with a aged cashew creme cheese (thanks to present moment cafe), sliced Florida avocado, cherry tomatoes, and topped with sprouts and a shake of cayenne pepper!


Extremely tasty bagels with happy people to enjoy them! I’m thankful for taste testers!  If you are interested in taste testing just stop by!  I’m always creating something!

My most favorite taste tester and biggest fan, Dominic, taking a big bite of yummyness!!

I might try out some sweet flavored bagels next!  Yeah for bagels!

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