New Year’s Pie Station!

December 9, 2010

The new year has arrived!  Happy 2010 to all of you beautiful spirits!  To ring in the new year, I attended a small gathering at my beautiful friend Forrest’s house.  Forrest is amazing in the kitchen and manages to whip up beautiful creations using mostly local ingredients!  Whenever we get together, I know it’s GO time in the kitchen for the both of us.  I told her immediately that I would bring dessert!!

I’ve always had a passion for desserts.  I’m not sure if it is the sweet taste, the after dinner (or breakfast!) treat, the chocolate, or the beauty of a dessert that attracts me to them.  Once I dove into the world of raw foods and began creating pies, I was hooked.  My favorite location to make raw pies would definitely be my home in Maui, along with my Pie Station partner Verda!  From previous posts, you can experience the abundance of local ingredients that I enjoy when living in Maui.

My new location away from Maui has sent me into a frenzy every time I need an ingredient for just about anything.  It’s Florida!  Florida has  a climate that is capable of growing a variety of produce.  However, it’s not always available.  So!  When my friend Kelly said he had picked up local Florida coconuts on his trip to South Florida, you can imagine my excitement!!  I was so lucky to be gifted with three beautiful Florida cocos!!!!  I was again inspired and eager to create yummy pies with my local cocos!

Local Florida Coconuts! Yippeee!!!

Pie Station was on!!  What else is local in Florida that I can put into my pies?!  I found local Florida avocados, oranges, and tangerines.  With these ingredients came my inspiration and my first pie!

Introducing Floridan CREMESICLE Pie made with Florida coconuts, avocados, oranges, and tangerines!

I love making Key Lime pies, however I was lacking local limes!  So, I thought why not change it up a bit and make it with oranges!  I wouldn’t typically choose a cremesicle as the most appealing of the conventional recipes to transform into a raw creation, however it came out tasting quite tasty!

CREMESICLE Pie up close with a coconut meringue and local orange and tangerine zest!

Cremesicle Pie topped w/ a coconut meringue and the zest of local oranges and tangerines!

Cremesicle Pie w/ a brazilnut/cashew/apricot/date crust! YummY!

The next pie is really exciting!  I bought a few cups of hazelnuts from the local co-op with not a clue where they would end up, besides my stomach!  I decided to combine two of my favorite flavors together into a pie…….chocolate and hazelnuts!  For those of you who have enjoyed or still do nutella, this one is for you!  I’ve actually never tried the “real” nutella before.  I’m sure this pie variation will satisfy any craving you have for nutella while contributing to your health in a positive way!!

Not Your Nutella Pie!!

To make this pie I soaked organic, raw hazelnuts over night to release all of the enzyme inhibitors, and made a tasty hazelnut milk.

Making hazelnut milk!! Mom loves to take pictures! Nut milk IS exciting!!

The creamy pie consisted of hazelnut milk, dates, cacao, irish moss, and more!

The crust was made with hazelnuts, cashews, and dates!

Thanks to my local cocos, I added a beautiful coconut meringue to the top of the pie and garnished with chopped hazelnuts and cacao nibs!

My friends are grateful that when I show up somewhere, there is normally a sweet treat involved!  I rang in the new year with a slice of raw pie, my best friends, and lots of love!

Happy New Year!  Try out a raw diet for the new year!  If you would like more information on eating raw you can email me or check out a few websites:

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  1. Laura Graham-Dullaert January 9, 2010 at 10:49 am Reply

    It all looks so amazing Kelly, your enthusiasm is so genuine and inspiring that I’m resolving to do more with raw food than just ‘sprialising’ and making yummy shakes! Happy 2010…xxx

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