Chocolate Chip Cookies gone RAW!!!

January 1, 2010 – WOWZA!

MMMMmmmmmm YUM! Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!

These cookies where so tasty!  I have been pondering on how I can create my very own Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Since I was young, I can remember my mother baking chocolate chip cookies!  She is famous, at least in our house, for making dozens of cookies for family and friends.  She has even won a cookie contest for the most creative cookie!!!  Therefore, I have grown up to love cookies!  They are so yummy and fun to eat!  How on earth can I create a yummy chocolate chip cookie gone raw? I played around online looking for ideas.  I had limited ingredients in the kitchen to work with, but I had faith that something positive would come out of this situation. Therefore……..

Chocolate Yummy-ness w/ handmade chocolate chips in a coconut/walnut cookie!

Recipe coming soon…..

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  1. Oh, I was SO ready to scroll down and find a written recipe for these absolutely yummy looking cookies, ESP. since I love raw choc. chip cookie dough, AND love coconut and nuts……please send the recipe when you are ready to as you mention here about “recipe coming soon”…….thanks!

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