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Bagels anyone???

January 30, 2010 BAGELS!!!  I love bagels!  I’ve always loved bagels!  As far as I can remember back, I was eating bagels for breakfast and lunch.  So, I have been determined to make a yummy raw bagel for some time now! I began by grinding raw buckwheat groats to make a buckwheat flour.  With the […]

Providing the best for visitors!

January 31, 2010 I absolutely love preparing food for others, though it’s a rare occasion that I am actually doing just that.  I tend to feed mostly myself these days.  When preparing food for just myself, I tend to take a simple approach.  My diet consists of mostly smoothies, salads, and random pates or dips […]

New Year’s Pie Station!

December 9, 2010 The new year has arrived!  Happy 2010 to all of you beautiful spirits!  To ring in the new year, I attended a small gathering at my beautiful friend Forrest’s house.  Forrest is amazing in the kitchen and manages to whip up beautiful creations using mostly local ingredients!  Whenever we get together, I […]

Chocolate Chip Cookies gone RAW!!!

January 1, 2010 – WOWZA! These cookies where so tasty!  I have been pondering on how I can create my very own Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Since I was young, I can remember my mother baking chocolate chip cookies!  She is famous, at least in our house, for making dozens of cookies for family and friends.  […]