Cookies and Creme Pie PEOPLE!!!!

December 27, 2009

A big island macnut/coconut crust. A beautiful cookies and creme filling made from cacao beans grown and purchased in Bali! A creamy, coconut meringue to top off this holiday treat!

Mmmmmmmmm YUM!  Thank you Bali for the beautiful kilo of cacao beans that I purchased on my trip!  They created the most tasty flavor in this treat!  The filling is created out of creamy cashews, raw honey, cacao beans, and more!  The vita-mix worked hard to blend this thick, creamy filling!

Just goodness!

This was a wonderful dessert to serve Christmas night to my family.  Though they may be hesitant when it comes to raw foods, they all cleaned their plates!

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  1. i can definitely confirm that that goldielocks’ cookies-n-cream creation is probably the best pie ever. only after doing some yoga, eating some sushi then playing on kel’s new yoga swing can on truly enjoy the blissful goodness that is raw cookies-n-cream pie.

  2. Just found this site. Do you post your recipes?

    • HI Lillian! Thanks for the comment! Currently there are no recipes posted on the blog. Everything I create has been by taste and intuition. I have some recipes stirring up in my mind and some on paper. Keep checking the blog for posts. I will be adding some recipes in the near future. At the moment, I’m working on a recipe book. It’s my project for 2010! I’ll be sure to send you updates from now on! Mahalo!

  3. You have reached all the way to Ulladulla/mollymook 3hrs sth of Sydney to a sleepy fishing village and some of the best beaches around. Those recipes are amazing and I wish we had more people like you around. You seem so young too….I hope your mom was an inspiration to you .
    I travelled with Yvette Schnindler in the early 70’s( and that is another story) and saw your article on facebook.
    I will buy a cookbook when you have one……….

    • Wow Janice! Thanks for the positive feedback. I have friend in the Sydney area and would love to make it over there sometime in the near future. I’ll keep you posted on the book! Keep checking periodically for a recipe or so on the website. Have a beautiful summer day in OZ!!

  4. Hi Kelly!

    this is your ex-villa mate in radiantly alive 200 hr course Bali ; ) Maria. Your raw food looks great!! I’m learning, ordered some books, have already enjoy some stuff! also I’m trying to get my kids to become aware of animal welfare. This is why I would like to ask you if you by any chance remember the name of the film we watched in Bali together in the class. I don’t want to show them anything too cruel, that one was just right for their age I think.
    Thank you so much, and I’m wishing you a wonderful new year!!

  5. Kelly,
    You are simultaneously creating, riding, and inspiring others on a wave of rawesome goodness, health, and love inspired living. Keep the momentum going, it is beautiful! Much Love to you.
    rawkin rawesome fancy feasting.

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