A Rawkin Christmas Dinner!

December 27, 2009

A tremendous THANK YOU to The Present Moment Cafe in St. Augustine, FL for providing raw holiday feast for those who need assistance on their raw dining or those who travel from a far and lack local ingredients!

Mahalo Present Moment Cafe!  After 18 hours of travel time and a, not so successful, trip to the local health food store, I found myself overwhelmed by how much I had to do in only ONE day!  My dear friend, Forrest,  who works at The Present Moment Cafe told me about this beautiful holiday dish that I could just pick up!  I’m quite an over achiever in the kitchen, but decided to relax on Christmas Eve and take full advantage of what was being offered.

A beautiful kale salad with sprouts and candid walnuts. I added the creamy avocado!

Shown in this picture is the dehydrated mashed potatoes with gravy, a beautiful stuffing, in the back ground is a marinated portabello mushroom, cranberry relish, and bread w/ pinenut butter!

Getting up close and personal with the beautiful cranberry relish! Yummy!

The holiday meal consisted of a kale salad, marinated portabello mushroom, dehydrated mashed potoates, cranberry relish, a slice of bread, pinenut butter, gravy, candid walnuts, and a slice of pumpkin pie!  All of this for only $20!  That’s amazing!

I am so thankful for the owner of The Present Moment Cafe, Yvette Schindler, and what she has brought to St. Augustine, FL.  It’s common to find raw restaurants while traveling the west coast of the United States, while the east coast is quite limited.  The Present Moment Cafe is, by far, my favorite raw restaurant.  It’s a positive place with positive people and positive food!  Hooray!

To find out more about The Present Moment Cafe, visit their website: http://www.thepresentmomentcafe.com/

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