Ode to Mana!

October 17, 2009


Papaya's galore!

For those of you who know and love the north shore of Maui, also tend to know and love Mana Foods.  Mana Foods, the local health food store, is constantly embracing new produce from Hawaii and the mainland.  Once taking the plunge into the ocean of eating 100% raw,  you’ll notice where you end up in the health food store.  My guess is, you will spend most of your time exploring what is local, organic, and available in the produce section! Like my friend Selby said, “I notice that I only need to walk around the outside/parameter of a health food store and not even go into the center anymore.”  It’s so true.  When you choose to take cooked foods out of your diet, you eliminate 90% of what is available in the middle aisles.  This is why I know and love all the produce guys at Mana and any other health food store I’ve come in constant contact with.

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