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A simple dinner for two!

Last night was a whole new adventure in the kitchen.  Elise and I went up to Haleakala for sunset.  For those of you who have never been to Maui, Haleakala is an east Maui dormant volcano which takes up half of Maui’s landmass.  Haleakala reaches 10,023 feet at it’s highest elevation.  It is a popular […]

A few lost photos……

September 30, 2009 Life’s been throwing me around lately and therefore I have more beautiful food photography than I do blog entries.  This is a “catch up” blog to make sure I don’t leave any thing out. On the property, my housemate threw a clothing swap.  Her and I had collected pounds of avo’s from […]


September 17, 2009 The FIG! Can you believe the beauty, the depth, the gloss of this fig!  No, this picture is not edited!  This is a beautiful, Califorian, candy strip fig!  I am a huge advocate and supporter of buying locally.  However, I have not found a local fig grower and it’s fig season! They […]

Thai Madness!

September 16, 2009 I’m a huge fan of kelp noodles!  I’m not only a fan because of their amazing texture, boyancy, and versatility, but because of their amazing health benefits too!  Eating organic, raw food has assisted tremendously in keeping my body healthy and pure.  Therefore, I find it important to learn about the foods […]

Juicing Complete!

September 16, 2009 The beginning of September began with a 10 day juice feast.  Yep, only juice for 10 days!  It was splendid.  As usual, my creative juices began flowing and new ideas became a reality. When traveling the way I do, it’s impossible to carry all my essential kitchen belongings, such as a juicer, […]