Give it to me GREEN!!!

August 31, 2009

Today is the final day of August.  In preparation for a 10 day juice fast and a move out of my current living space, I am using what I can in the kitchen to eliminate the abundance.  After an exhilarating anusara yoga class this morning, I came home excited for my green smoothie!  It came out beautiful and tasty! It was full of vibrant, live energy!  I’m fully prepared now for my day in the garden.  Check out the green goodness!

Super Green Goodness!

Super Green Goodness!

Today we have: coconut water(of course), local mango, local apple bananas, acai, about 2 cups of fresh local spinach, a large helping of vitamineral greens, a large helping of maca, cinnamon, and love!

Fruity Grinds!

Fruity Grinds!

Topped off with the last of the gRAWnola, kula strawberries, blueberries, and more banana!

Enjoy the LOVE!

2 Responses to “Give it to me GREEN!!!”

  1. New place? Sounds good. Also, I meant to ask last time, where do you get the figs, are they local? A couple more weeks and it will be fig huntin’ time here! Enjoy the green, and the blue, and the sky above you too.

  2. holy green greatness!!! this looks so good. Good luck in your fasting, are you doing the MC again? I’ve vowed to myself to eat 100% raw for the month of september (and hopefully beyond). Already, I feel so much better without bread and sugar! Keep the yummy recipes coming! Oh, and what are you growing? We’ve just started organic kale, spinach, salad mix, beets, leeks..more to come = )

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