Good Morning!

August 12, 2009

After two days of rain from Felicia I can see blue skies again!  Mother Maui has been treating me well with an abundance of local fruits and veggies.  At the moment, my dehydrator is full of kale and chard chips.  Flavor of yesterday: Cheezy!  Today, I’m going for round two of flavors.  I picked some basil and hot thai peppers out of the garden, which will result in Pesto Kale Chips, as well as Thai Spice Kale Chips too!  I don’t mean to be partial to only the kale!  I’m making chard chips too!

Abundance from the garden!

Abundance from the garden!

A morning in Maui is always pleasing when it begins with chopping open coco’s for my morning smoothie!  That’s what this morning consisted of!

Green Smoothie of the day:

coco water, coco meat, mango, banana, star fruit, kale, vitamineral greens, small handul of both soaked and dehydrated brazil nuts and raisins

Green feels good!

Green feels good!

It was delicious!  I’m off to do some morning stretches and another day of preparing beautiful live foods.  Today: Pie Station!!!  Chip pictures to come!

2 Responses to “Good Morning!”

  1. I want to reach through the screen and eat and drink up all of the goodness you have prepared here, amazing! Ever thought of writing a cookbook, or I guess it wouldn’t be called a cookbook for raw foods, how about an “uncooked cook-book”! Yes, that’s it, an uncook-book.

  2. I am loving this blog!Thank you!Keeps me inspired!<3

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