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Give it to me GREEN!!!

August 31, 2009 Today is the final day of August.  In preparation for a 10 day juice fast and a move out of my current living space, I am using what I can in the kitchen to eliminate the abundance.  After an exhilarating anusara yoga class this morning, I came home excited for my green […]

Alive, Vibrant, Joy, Bliss, LOVE!

August 28, 2009 The month of August is almost to an end.  The avocado trees are producing more avo’s than can be enjoyed. With choke avocados, Verda and I can produce an abundance of pies.  We have been experimenting with our sublime creme pie, chocolate creme pies, banana creme pies, a mint chocolate ganache over […]

Breakfast or Dessert?

August 16, 2009 You choose…. breakfast or dessert! We whipped up some seasme/flax crax!  Some of the crackers are simply divine,  while some were turned into little cookies….cinnamon raisin, banana, lilikoi, chocolate, etc. This is a beautiful cracker with a little raw tahini, sliced apple banana, sliced fresh figs, and cinnamon! Enjoy!

Just Playin’

August 16, 2009 The taste of the pie is still lingering in my mouth, my brain, my body, my soul!  The few who have tasted this “orgasmic” pie, have been….well…. pleased! Ziggy Marley is on island today.  We wanted to share the love of raw cacao, so Verda delivered a box of OmBelly chocolates to […]

Pie Station is da bomb!!!

August 14, 2009 I have officially decided that pie station at Verda’s are my favorite!!!  Together in the kitchen, her and I have been creating masterpieces.  Never in my life have I been so impressed by a pie…….or anything for that matter! This pie was described by a local customer as “orgasmic”!  Verda and I […]

Good Morning!

August 12, 2009 After two days of rain from Felicia I can see blue skies again!  Mother Maui has been treating me well with an abundance of local fruits and veggies.  At the moment, my dehydrator is full of kale and chard chips.  Flavor of yesterday: Cheezy!  Today, I’m going for round two of flavors.  […]


August 7, 2009 It’s the first official swap meet for me.  Together Verda and I have created a few yummy raw treats to sell along with her import goods! One of my dreams, to prepare and sell food, is coming true! I’m doing it!  I spent many of hours in da kitchen getting things ready […]

Busy in da kitchen…..but not cooking!!

August 7, 2009 The past few days have been extremely hectic with the preparing of raw foods.  I’ve been joining forces with my friend Verda and her self-run company…….. OmBelly!  Together Verda and I have put together an assortment of delicious truffles, all organic and raw. All of the chocolates have been delivered with love […]